"Seoul Long, Folks"

Films: Yongary: Monster of the Deep (1967)

Alias: Yongari, Yongkari

Type: Ancient

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: About the size of a large building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: By this point, every corner of the Eastern front was getting its own giant monster. Godzilla, Gamera, you name it. South Korea was understandably feeling left out of the picture, and decided to unleash their own reptilian beast upon the world. Enter Yongary, who is certainly not Godzilla in any capacity, shape, or form.

History: Far off in the Middle East, a bomb goes off. No, this is not a topical think-piece of the 2000s, it is the prelude to a chain reaction that stops in Seoul, South Korea. The final earthquake unleashes Yongary, a large saurian monster that does what all kaiju do best: destroy everything and occasionally snack on gasoline and oil.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Yongary's weakness, ammonia, is discovered a bit before the army laces a lake with oil to lure him over. He is then pelted with ammonia compound, causing him to keel over and bleed out.

Powers/Abilities: Yongary probably drinks oil in order to fuel the fire that he can shoot out of his mouth. He can also fire concentrated energy from his horn of all places. There's also a thagomizer on his tail, but he rarely uses it.

Weakness: Yongary has an allergic reaction to ammonia. In small doses, it causes him to itch like crazy. In larger doses, it will kill him.

Scariness Factor: 2-As destructive as Yongary is, the effects team somewhat dropped the ball. Mainly because the nozzle that the fire comes from sticks out like a sore thumb in most shots. There's also a random scene where an irritating kid causes the beast to itch and dance at the same time. It makes Godzilla's victory leaps look like a ballet in comparison.

Trivia: -Due to a localization mishap, the only copy of this film that exists is the one edited for American audiences.

-According to an analytic essay written in 2000 by film scholar Kim So-Young, this film is representative of the destruction wrought by the Korean War. He somewhat diminished his credibility saying that brat of a kid was the real hero. We don’t buy that last bit. Yeah, he discovered the beast's weakness, but all he did was shoot itching rays at everyone and everything, even Yongary. Idiot.

Image Gallery

With that horn of his, his "rip-off-ness" might fade.

After a nice dance, the fury re-awakens.

When tanks fly!

The following explosion nearly blew his head off.

Yeesh. The Germans really took this guy seriously.

Gee, it's not like THIS rips off a certain scene from a certain film.

Uh...this is a bit intense, given what we've seen previously.

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