"True Rise of a Genre"

Films: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Alias: Various

Type: Unknonw, possibly Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: And now the dead truly walk among us. From the mind of horror great John Romero comes an army of undead beings who singlehandedly kickstarted a new craze for the way of the zombie.

History: A theory as to why this army of cannibalistic Pennsylvanian ghouls came to life is that a space probe from Venus blew up in the atmosphere, and the radiation seeped into their minds. A bit far-fetched, but what explanation is needed when these beings are coming in to break through your defenses and eat you all to the bone?

Notable Kills: A particularly young zombie gets the opportunity to stab one of the survivors with a trowel repeatedly. Even worse? That was her caretaker.

Final Fate: None of the survivors make it, but the authorities show up the next morning to shoot the remaining zombies down. Little do they know, as far as Romero is concerned, this is only the beginning...

Powers/Abilities: Can withstand much more damage than the living can, as well as use tools.

Weakness: A shot to the head outta do it. They also really hate fire.

Scariness Factor: 4-While shambling and slow, these zombies are a cut above the rest with their inexplicable slight intellect and visceral way of killing. Don't get holed up by these freaks.

Trivia: -Multiple original scripts for this film involved aliens in some capacity, but only the second one featured the dead.

-This film was made with $14,000, and it came out making 18 million on an international scale. Amazing how that works.

Image Gallery

And these are only stills. Have fun with the actual film.

Fear is pretty useful, you know.

Tonight, the Grim Reaper cries.

This is no time to pose!

We're gonna need more wood.

The first zombie. Take it in.

I heard the legs taste better.

Yes, you have to go to school.

In a apocalyptic way, yes, it is.

Even this poster can't prepare you. It just can't.

The pervy dead.

"Lady, I think I found your eyes."

Pray that you DO.

Lightning burns, so that Zombie's down.

They seem a bit...TOO happy to be here.

Well, this ghoul has been through enough.

Somebody had a good aim with a gun if that guy's face is evidence of which.

I think they just buried her there and forgot.

Hell shall bring them to our domain.

Attack of the Pasty Dead.

They're coming to get US...

Ah, what a cruel irony.