"The Pain Train"

Films: Horror Express (1972)

Alias: Countless

Type: Ancient/Alien

Location: Tundra/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Varies depending on host.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Have a plan for world domination. Otherwise, you just look like a fool as you keep running into roadblocks created by nature or puny man.

History: An alien force eons old, it came to Earth by complete accident, and survived by going from one host to another. Its body theft frenzy came to a sudden end when it inhabited an ancient hominid and got frozen with it in the eastern lands. However, an archeologist has found the being, and takes it with him on a train. Perfect opportunity for mass enslavement...

Notable Kills: Bleeding eyes always look nasty.

Final Fate: Every survivor manages to get to the caboose as the entity desperately tries to operate the train. Thing is that it's now headed for a cliff. Alas, the being is destroyed as it and the train go careening off the edge and towards an explosive fall.

Powers/Abilities: Can possess another life form with just a look, and summon an army of its dead victims.

Weakness: Cannot function well in a brightly-lit area, will die if without a host for too long.

Scariness Factor: 3.5- It definitely has some chops for its quick and easy possession powers, and that ape man was quite intimidating, but a myriad of weaknesses keep this ancient evil from being at the top.

Trivia: -Peter Cushing very nearly didn't star in this film due to the trauma of losing his wife earlier, but Christopher Lee managed to convince him otherwise.

-This film is, like "The Thing From Another World", based on the short story, "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell, Jr.

Image Gallery

No brakes on this takeover, I can say.

The shadow of evil goes ape.

Wonder how he got there in the first place.

Stare into the eye of absolute evil.
The fumes shall tell you of a tale of murder most foul...and toxins, if too much exposure is had.

"My chances of getting laid! NOOOO!"

May panic purify the train.

Forget the man. Focus on the ape.

In case you wanted more photos of this gruesome fate, here you go.
These eyes are like the Alien Children a decade ago. They never leave you.

This time, the master wants in on the action as he did many years ago.

The final victim, we can assure you.