"The biblical pun's right there"

Films: Daigoro Vs. Goliath (1972)

Alias: The Great Stellar Monster (Goliath)

Type: Ancient (Daigoro), Alien (Goliath)

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of medium-sized buildings.

Affiliation: Goood (Daigoro), Neutral (Goliath)

Summary: As if "Godzilla's Revenge" didn't hammer home just how dumb kaiju flicks geared towards kids could be, we have this...okay, to be honest, it's a fairly safe film, and its kaiju aren't the worst things ever. Though we're wondering just who in their right minds decided that we needed a film dedicated to a creature with the mind and mannerisms of MINYA!

History: One day, baby Daigoro and his wrathful mother were roused from their million-year rest, and the latter was forced to be put down. Daigoro was soon raised by humans, but his increasing size was becoming a problem. All of that quickly changed when a meteor crashed into the ocean, releasing Goliath, a destructive beast out for blood. Now it's up to Daigoro to save the day. We're doomed.

Notable Kills: None seen, at least.

Final Fate: Daigoro manages to breath fire finally, instantly defeating Goliath, who's sent back to space via rocket. Daigoro goes back to being the lovable putz he is.

Powers/Abilities: Daigoro can breath fire with enough concentration. Goliath can use his horn to blow random things up with electricity.

Weakness: Each other.

Scariness Factor: 2.5- As many point out in the film, Daigoro isn't intimidating in the slightest. But to be fair, neither is the equally sluggish Goliath, who's only a step above due to his powers.

Trivia: -Rumor has it that the two monsters' suits were going to be used for an unmade Toho film, "Godzilla vs. Redmoon".

-The title and the conflict in the film is most likely meant to reference the story of David and Goliath, in which a meek-looking figure manages to defeat a similarly named brute with one blow.

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Makes you wonder who the dad was.

What? He wouldn't be from outer space without a power like that.
Even Goliath wants to be somewhere else.

Remember folks! You orphaned him. At least you had the courtesy to grant him solace.

I'd focus on the raging space monster, Daigoro. Your hunger can wait.

With this, he becomes a man.