"Fishy in Florida"

Films: The Blood Waters of Dr. Z (1971)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted home/Swamp

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: The sea is a beautiful place, is it not? Some of the most diverse and fantastic creatures live there. But any obsession can sully it all. Just look at this disgusting excuse for a fish-man, or man for that matter.

History: Dr. Kurt Leopold was an unhinged neo-Nazi hoping to mutate the local sea-life and take over the universe (yes, the whole universe). He'd start by mutating himself with the DNA of a catfish. Of course, even he admitted that his new form looked nothing like the real thing, but he was happy all the same. Now on to polluting the waters, killing enemies, and making more fish-folk for mating purposes.

Notable Kills: His first attempt to mutate a damsel just gives him a scarred corpse. Lighting doesn't strike twice, apparently.

Final Fate: Leopold attempts to fill the sea with his mutagen, but he gets shot upon hitting the water. And then the film just...ends. No resolution, no confirmation as to whether he won or not, nothing. Dammit.

Powers/Abilities: Can be on land and in water for equally indefinite amounts of time.

Weakness: Anything conventional (maybe), likely fear of dogs.

Scariness Factor: 2-How this nastier cousin of Greedo hoped to dominate the universe is beyond us. Oh sure, people are dead because of him, but how do you take seriously a guy who looks like he can't even see in that costume? With all that said, his monologue on the majesty of ocean predators (such as the Sargasso angler fish) is a thing to behold in an endearing and/or funny way.

Trivia: In all fairness, catfish can be pretty nasty to people. They include the candiru (less said now, the better) and the goonch, a species known for being the prime suspect of a series of deaths at the Kali River (doesn't help that it’s really big and has lots of sharp teeth).

-This film was also known as "ZAAT", "Hydra", and "Attack of the Swamp Creatures".

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An atom bomb? Overkill, much?

"Watching Game of Thrones without me, are you?"
Even a spear to the shoulder won't prevent him from getting laid.

"Make me a sandwhich! I command you and the universe!"
"I'm not Leopold, my father! I just wanted to say hi!"

It's one thing to turn into a fish monster. To retain your humanity (what little you already had) is an impressive feat.