"For a taste of Hell"

Films: Food of the Gods (1976), Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part 2 (1989)

Alias: Giant maggots, giant wasps, giant chickens, giant rats, Bobby

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of human head to twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Hey, here's a good idea! Instead of immediately exploiting inexplicable substances for their worth on the outside, perhaps you should look into it a bit more before things get out of hand.

History: Somewhere in British Columbia, a bizarre white substance has bubbled up from the ground. Those who consume it end up growing to gigantic sizes. At first seen as a gift from the Heavens, it's given to local chickens for food. But it isn't long before other animals get a taste of it, particularly a large amount of rats...

Notable Kills: A swimming pool gets filled with giant rats in the second film. The occupants are less than lucky.

Final Fate: Many animals are killed off, but the entire giant rat population is offed by a dam being blown up and drowning them. However, some of the "Food of the Gods" gets swept into a farm and drank by a school of children. Much later, in unrelated news, a man-made serum enlarges some rats and a guy named Bobby, the former of which is gunned down while the latter escapes.

Powers/Abilities: Constant growth.

Weakness: Anything conventional, rushing water.

Scariness Factor: 4-It's certainly a step-up from giant rabbits. The diversified giants certainly cause a lot of damage (even if the wasps tend to be poor blue-screen effects), and the rats can be pretty visceral. Bobby isn't much, even if that ONE scene with him and a woman is rather abhorrent.

Trivia: -"Gnaw" is hardly even connected to the original film. We just put it here so that we don't have to tolerate it later.

-In the original H.G. Wells story, "The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth", the substance is man-made, and mutates all of these creatures and even earwigs and spiders. It also deals with the ramifications of a conflict between the normal folk and the people enlarged by the substance.

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The sun sets on the destruction of our own making.

This has certainly taken my suspension of disbelief.

Wanna take their eggs now?

I think I'll pass.

What was IN that new formula?!

What has science done? I mean, c'mon.
Sorry about the font, folks.

He just can't believe his luck on finding her without clothing.

See the contrast?


Gnawing is what the directors doing to whatever funds he got from this film.

Can't tell if those are rocks or corpses.

That's it. I'm staying inside.

Next up: A giant mousetrap.

Chaos abroad.

We never got to see their synchronized swimming act.

Giant maggots. That's it. The world's doomed.

This city is but the beginning of despair.

Human experimentation: A really bad idea.