"Looked what crawled/rolled into town"

Films: The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

Alias: Volkswagenspinne

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: Goes from that of an average tarantula to that of a truck.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: As if tarantulas couldn't get any scarier, they're now coming from the far reaches of space. Then again, any sensible soul can tell you that size doesn't matter when it comes to these comet-bound terrors...

History: Hailing from an alternate dimension, these creatures came to Earth in the form of a comet containing their eggs. Eventually, they hatched into graceful red-knees, which proceeded to harm all matter of hillbilly trash located in Wisconsin. A particularly nasty variant came in the form of a very large spider big enough to eat people.

Notable Kills: No, that giant didn't eat that man with its butt. If anything, it looks like it ate with its chest.

Final Fate: Scientists working around the clock manage to figure out a way to seal off the dimension giving the spiders power, and once that happens, all spiders blow up, and proceed to melt into gooey grossness.

Powers/Abilities: Some spiders have the capacity to grow to gigantic sizes.

Weakness: Sealing off their home-dimension will cause them to messily self-destruct.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-While the juveniles are enough to make any arachnophobe cringe, there's no excuse for the big spiders. These things are so damn slow and unconvincing, we're convinced that we saw its ilk somewhere at a bootleg Halloween festival.

Trivia: -Indeed, the giant spider gains its bizarre nickname from the fact that it's literally a backwards Volkswagen covered in fur with its legs being operated by seven people within, as well as the rear lights being the eyes. Almost makes you pity the execution with all that effort put into it.

-This film’s director, Bill Rebane, ran for governor of state at one point. But like this movie, that went nowhere.

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Let me guess. Tarantulas are easier to tame.

"Which way to the baseball game? Guys?!"
Destruction from another dimension.