"A Space Animal House"

Films: The Alien Factor (1978)

Alias: Ben Zachary, Inferbyce, Zagatile, Leemoid

Type: Alien

Location: Forest/Civilized area/Underground/

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of an average human to twice that.

Affiliation: Good (Ben), Neutral (everyone else)

Summary: Even aliens can make mistakes when handling life they're not familiar with. And on those occasions, it always has to be Earth to help clean up the mess.

History: A cargo of aliens from different worlds was going to head to an intergalactic zoological institute, but the craft ended up crashing into Earth, where the creatures escape into the forests of rural Maryland. They are the armored insectoid Inferbyce, the sasquatch-beetle Zagatile, and the invisible reptilian Leemoid. That's when the killings start. An alien, Ben, is forced to either wrangle up the beasts or kill them.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: Ben ends up killing two out of three creatures, with the Inferbyce being killed by super-sonic waves and the Zagatile being hit in the chest with a poison tranquilizer dart. The Leemoid dies after a slap-fight with a local. Unfortunately for Ben, his hideous true appearance causes someone to shoot him dead.

Powers/Abilities: Ben can shapeshift, and the Leemoid can turn invisible.

Weakness: High-frequency sound for the Inferbyce, anything conventional for the rest.

Scariness Factor: 3-The effects work is admittingly a bit wonky in most places, especially with that see-through Leemoid. But the designs are mostly impressive, and Ben, despite being a good guy, is rather hard to look at.

Trivia: -Despite the title, the 1999 film "The Alien Factor 2: Alien Rampage" has nothing to do with this one.

-This was the first film by Don Dohler, who would later give us such classics like...uh, "Nightbeast"?

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