"All the Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!"

Films: Gamera Vs. Jiger (1970)

Alias: Monster X

Type: Ancient

Location: Mountains/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 40 meters and 200 metric tons.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Gamera's foes have always been a little strange. But did you know that one of them got him pregnant? Oh yes, that happened. But it's honestly the mommy you should be feeling bad for.

History: Long ago, man crafted a large statue known as the Devil's Whistle in order to keep a monster at bay. A monster known as Jiger. It worked a bit too well, as the statue produced a noise that had the same effect of that stupid damn "All Star" kazoo remix Jerry won't stop F*CKING playing next doo- oh, yes, Jiger. This beast couldn't stand its noise, so it went on the offensive, despite Gamera's interjections. Even worse, Jiger managed to inject the turtle with her eggs in his lung! Horrors!

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After the weirdest operation we've ever seen, Gamera is back on his feet, and fights Jiger until he manages to recover the Devil's Whistle and throws it at her with enough force to impale the monster's skull! Ouch.

Powers/Abilities: Jiger can emit a heat ray from her forehead, fly with jet packs in her cheeks, shoot sharp spikes from her horns, and inject sperm into foes with her spear-tail.

Weakness: Cannot stand noises of a certain frequency.

Scariness Factor: .5-Her powers are unique and creative, but this thing looks just a little too dumpy to be menacing. Still, hate to have my lungs get pregnant...

Trivia: -Jiger's original concept art seems to mostly consist of designs evocative of ocean denizens, such as the swordfish.

-Jiger actually made a cameo in the children's series "Franklin" as a nightmare creature, alongside Viras, Barugon, and Gyaos. Considering the titular protagonist is a turtle, it really makes you wonder where Gamera would fit into that series...

Image Gallery

At least it was quick.
"Kick to the chin!"

The REAL Monster X would soon rear his head soon...

"I can show you the world!"
Here is a mother struggling to survive.

Quit taunting Jiger, Gamera.

Perfect Yoga pose!

Jiger Jr. takes his first and final steps.