"Being slaughter-er than the average bear"

Films: Prophecy (1979)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: So, youapos;re probably bored already of the killer bears in cinema. Well, how about a grotesquely mutated one? Does that tickle your fancy? If not, too bad, because this could happen anytime anywhere.

History: A paper mill located in Androscoggin River, Maine, has been facing scrutiny from both the local Native American tribes and nature itself. It's such a ridiculous polluter that it's given rise to animals twice their size, horribly mutated homicidal ones, and, in this bear's case, both. The bear, by the way, is referred by the Natives as Katahdin after an evil spirit. And worse, this thing has an equally mutated cub. The campers are screwed.

Notable Kills: The infamous "sleeping bag death" scene. Just watch it for yourself.

Final Fate: The cub is drowned for its sake, and Katahdin follows suit when it dies of blood loss from getting stabbed repeatedly by an arrow. However, an even uglier papa bear still resides in the forest, ready to pick up where Katahdin left off...

Powers/Abilities: A fairly resiliant hide.

Weakness: Its hide can only take so much.

Scariness Factor: 4-There will never EVER be a bear in cinema more horrific than Katahdin. A grim reflection of what pollution to the environment can do, this monster is both horrible to look at and worse to die at the claws of. Stay as far as possible from this bear, and any other bear.

Trivia: -Katahdin is actually the name of the highest mountain in Maine. The name means "the greatest mountain" in the Penobscot Indian tongue. This beast presumably got the name from its sheer size.

-This film was the precursor to the immense production business that occurs in the Canadian province. This film is the reason many forest scenes in movies are filmed in Canada.

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It is written in blood and good animitronics.

It's amazing this thing survived past childbirth.
Over the course of her mutation, she's picked up a lot of skills. Skills that make her a nightmare at what she does.

He was alright, but sometimes, the myths are just told to you just so you don't freak out.

Turns out, someone misses that family of bears...THE FATHER.