"Who said two heads were better than one?"

Films: The Thing with Two Heads (1972))

Alias: Dr. Maxwell Kirshner, Jack Moss

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral (Jack), Evil (Maxwell)

Summary: Well, here's certainly a tale of opposites. Can an ethically-backwards surgeon tolerate sharing a body with the minority he despises? What do you think?

History: Smart yet ailing racist Maxwell Kirshner is a surgeon hoping to live on via transplanting his head onto a healthier body. It worked with a gorilla, so it should work for him. What he didn't count on was that his head would be grafted onto the body of Jack Moss, an African-American convict originally on the death row for a crime he didn't commit. Maxwell is rather pissed with the predicament, but he's gonna have to live with it. Still, when Jack's asleep, he’s in control...

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: Having gotten ahold of Jack's body, Maxwell demands that someone remove Jack’s head so that he stays in control, but everyone refuses, and the bigot's head is removed and hooked to a life support machine. The begging man is left in the dust as Jack gets to go free.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Like any human, this guy can cause harm. But ultimately, it's just a guy arguing with himself. And just so you know, we were on Jack's side the whole time, and we're glad to see Maxwell wrecked.

Trivia: -Jack Moss was played by Rosey Grier, who's more well-known for his career in football.

-This film is notable for its soundtrack being produced by MGM's own "Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band".

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