Films: The Legacy (1978)

Alias: Various

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Evil lives on. Centuries and centuries of passing cannot break it. One way or another, it will pass on to another, and the legacy continues...

History: Lady Margaret Walsingham and the Lord of Mountolive were two practitioners of witchcraft back in the day. Even after they were inevitably burned at the stake, their son Jason carried on their legacy, leading others to trade in their dignity for power while he remains in his estate. Alas, anyone who took his advice would meet a horrible death on the day someone would have to come and inherit his power, seeing how he was dying of old age.

Notable Kills: All of them, particularly a man choking on a chicken bone despite not eating any, and a mirror destroying itself to send shards at another.

Final Fate: The only one left after all of this culling in the estate is the great-granddaughter of Jason. She accepts the legacy, and will soon have to find others to sacrifice to Satan like Jason did.

Powers/Abilities: Apparently, manipulation of reality.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Pray that you didn't make any deals with anyone in this lineage. Because if you did, prepare to die in the most obscene way. You'll never see it coming.

Trivia: -This is the film that brought Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross together as a couple. For that, this film gets the gold star.

-The house belonged to Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who. He let them film there on the condition that he be cast in it.

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This isn't living, basically.

This is why we laid off the wet nurse.
Riches beyond common sense.

"Yech! It's got a smudge!"

"Does it look like I care for your future? Here. Become an evil witch."