"Terror Tots"

Films: It's Alive (1974), It Lives Again (1978), It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive (1987)

Alias: Various, most notably the Davis' Baby

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans their age.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: When people have babies, the usual fears are adequate parenthood and child support. It should never be fear for one's life. But then again, your child probably didn't mutate into a cannibalistic monster.

History: For some strange reason, a particular brand from a pharmacy company was causing several parents' children to have certain...defects. And by defects, we mean that they were birthing identical man-eating beasts that killed out of fear and hunger.

Notable Kills: Somehow, these tiny terrors are able to take out entire swathes of people in a given space. Just what are they?!

Final Fate: Many babies are shot and killed on the spot, but even when most of them got quarantined to a faraway island, they came back as adults, only to get gunned down again. The mutant baby epidemic continues...

Powers/Abilities: Are telepathic with one another, most likely due to their big heads.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-"Killer fanged toddler" sounds absurd on paper, but it's strangely effective when put into practice. Not only that, but they are sympathetic, as they only kill out of fear, and can even mature and help those in peril if they want. A shame they're so ravenous most of the time.

Trivia: -The mutants are one big metaphor for the perils of pre-prescription drugs being used by expectant mothers, such as thalidomide, during the 50s and 60s.

-The practical effects for the babies were the product of Rick Baker, who would go on to do the effects for "An American Werewolf in London".

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There's plenty wrong. Except for the innocence of a baby monster.

Congrats! You have triplets.

Add this one to the baby pictures.

Lucky guy. After two movies of having his kind persecuted, he got a vacation resort.
Yes. It is alive. Thanks for the obvious.

The cake isn't a lie. Just ruined.

Somebody better help him clip his nails.

Was it too much to ask for baby clothes?
Sadly, this title tells of what a man might become in this hunt.

You greet your unnatural child with hate...and then you see that monsters are, indeed, tragic beings.

You know, this is a pretty accurate description of what Rosemary's baby would have looked like


Puberty must have hit these guys hard.
Oh, we've seen it. Eh. He'll still get far.

To the mother of that child, shoo the vulture. NOW.

Age is REALLY not kind to these guys.