"Night of the Livid Dead"

Films: Children Shouln't Play with Dead Things (1972)

Alias: Orville Dunworth, Smedley, various others

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: Raising the dead never works out. Never, not now, at no point. So when these losers did just that, do you think the world gave a toss?

History: One day, a group of particularly obnoxious actors and one director decided to celebrate a birthday by heading over to an island graveyard meant for crooks and criminals. For funsies, they had a ritual involving invoking Satan to raise a corpse by the name of Orville Dunworth, but it didn't work. Except it did...and it was delayed...and it brought back all the others.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: All of the zombies kill off the film crew, and soon decide to set sail for the city, presumably to experience life once more.

Powers/Abilities: Nigh-invulnerable.

Weakness: Unknown.

Scariness Factor: 3-Pretty standard zombie affair. We will say that these ones in particular look positively rabid when attacking.

Trivia: -This film is also known as "Revenge of the Living Dead", "Things from the Dead", and "Zreaks".

-Believe it or not, this was the work of director Bob Clark, the man behind "A Christmas Story".

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Men shouldn't do it either. We're looking at you, Umbrella.

Hang in there, buddy.

Oh, look. The calvalry.
He? How about his mentally unstable friends?

"I'm sorry. WHAT were you planning on doing with my body?!"
Behold all the repressed anger he's got.