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Films: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977)

Alias: Ghouls, Minoton, Giant Wasp, Giant Walrus, Troglodyte, Smilodon

Type: Mystical (Ghouls, Minoton, Giant Wasp), Natural (Everything else)

Location: Civilized area/Tundra/Mountains

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a house cat to that of a large house.

Affiliation: Good (Troglodyte), Neutral (Giant Wasp, Giant Walrus, Smilodon), Evil (Ghouls, Minoton)

Summary: At this point, with how many times Sinbad’s actor/friends/love interest/quest changes across movies, we're going to assume these are just scattered tales about the guy being told by different people as opposed to sequels to one another. But hey, they saved the weirdest voyage for last!

History: For this journey, Sinbad and his merry crew had to travel to the lost continent (another one) of Hyperborea in order to revert a Charak prince back to human form (he's a baboon now). But the evil sorceress Zenobia is hot on their tail, hoping to finish what she started with the help of her son, her magic, and their minotaur android, Minoton.

Notable Kills: We want to point out that yes, the walrus kills people. Not a dignified epitaph.

Final Fate: The ghouls Zenobia summons get crushed by giant logs, Minoton is crushed by debris he was trying to move, the giant wasp gets skewered by Sinbad's knife, the walrus is driven away by harpoons, and the Trog gets killed by the Smilodon Zenobia possesses. Thankfully, Sinbad spears it in the chest so that their quest can be fulfilled.

Powers/Abilities: The ghouls cannot be harmed by conventional means, neither can Minoton.

Weakness: The ghouls and Minoton cannot seem to stand crushing, everyone else is taken out by conventional means.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The Trog is very friendly, and the walrus is dangerous but cute. However, the rest are pretty intimidating, particularly the emancipated insectoid ghouls and Minoton, who's like an ancient Greek Terminator.

Trivia: -Hyperborea was named after the place in Greek mythology that housed great giants who worshipped the North Wind God, Boreas. In fact, the name of the place means, "Beyond the North Wind".

-The original film this one would become was "Sinbad at the World's End". It was just mildly less crazy, with a yeti instead of a walrus and an Arsinoitherium (a two-horned prehistoric rhino) fighting the Trog.

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