"Tropic Thunder"

Films: Space Amoeba (1970)

Alias: Yog, Gezora, Ganimes (Ganime), Kamoebas (Kameba, Kamoeba, Kamebas, Kuameba)

Type: Alien (Yog), Mutant (Everyone else)

Location: Eldritch Location/Ocean/Jungle

Height/Weight: Ranges from formless (Yog) to 30 meters and 25,000 metric tons (Gezora’s size).

Affiliation: Neutral (the Kaiju), Evil (Yog)

Summary: Kaiju of Earth tend to destroy things simply because it gets in the way. But out there, there are those who see them as little more than engines of destruction, and they aren't picky either.

History: A space ship came crashing down to Sergio Island. These were the plans of Yog, a formless collection of micro-organisms bent on taking over the world as they have many others. To get things started, they mutated three different animals. A cuttlefish became Gezora, a crab became Ganimes, and a turtle became Kamoebas. They were the vanguards of a grander invasion.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Gezora is dowsed in flames and dies in the sea, Ganimes gets blown up after getting its eye shot, and Kamoebas dies falling into a volcano alongside a second Ganimes after Yog's control over them is negated by bats. Yog perishes alongside the monsters.

Powers/Abilities: Yog can possess and alter those as they please.

Weakness: Bat echolocation disorients Yog, and his creatures seem to hate anything relating to fire and explosives.

Scariness Factor: 4-These three are certainly a destructive breed, and Yog is the stuff of nightmares with his powers. However, there's more than a few bat caves around, and it's pretty likely that the army would have disposed of the kaiju rather fast, no Godzilla necessary.

Trivia: -All three kaiju are based on real life specimens. Gezora is a kisslip cuttlefish, Ganimes is a rubble crab, and Kamoebas is a mata mata turtle.

-Gezora's name comes from "geso" (squid legs). Ganimes' name comes from "Kani" (crab). Kamoeba's name comes from "Kami" (turtle) and "amoeba".

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The seafood special on the island was a real mess, alright.

Release the Gezora!

Mr. Krabs really let himself go.

He's the cousin Gamera doesn't talk about.
Basically, the ultimate hentai.

He's switched to Fire-Type, I see.

The 3 faces of Yog.

Yog, you'd think you'd have a bigger leash on them.