"Suburbia: That is All"

Films: The Stepford Wives (1975), Revenge of the Stepford Wives (1980)

Alias: Various

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good

Summary: If there's one thing that's thankfully losing traction, it's this mindset that the wife needs to be subservient and completely dominated by the man. Unfortunately, a few wastes of oxygen didn't get the message, and poured some resources into one of the most terrifying socially backwards hellholes: Stepford, CN.

History: Stepford, Connecticut was a small town built on the "idealistic" ideals of 50's suburbs and neighborhoods. It was created by Dale "Diz" Coba, head of the Stepford's Men Association. The main attraction of this horrible place was the robotic women who acted as the "ideal" housewives, having an obsession over cleaning and no personality to speak of. Oh, and those women happen to be replicas of actually female visitors who are killed and replaced. Coba can take a flying leap.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: Eventually, a visiting TV reporter manages to spur the wives into action when she causes them to overload on thyroid pills, causing them to go completely berserk and turn on Coda, knocking him off a balcony before descending on him en mas, reducing his body to paste on the floor. Now Stepford belongs to its true masters...

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Overdosing on pills and/or engaging in "non-lady like" behavior sends them into a berserker state.

Scariness Factor: 2-While the prototypes have an unearthly look in them (those eyes...), the real monster is Coba, who's rampant sexism led to this unholy land of misogyny and murder behind the scenes. Now he burns in Hell with his ideals...

Trivia: -We get that there were two more sequels ("The Stepford Children" in 1987, and "The Stepford Husbands" in 1996), but we prefer that it end like it did here. Not that any of the sequels ended badly, though.

-Reportedly, there was a lot of tension behind the making of the first movie, mainly due to disagreements regarding the aesthetic of the wives. Even today, the conflict remains unresolved.

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Don't worry. Vengeance is upon these cretins.
Each human is like a puzzle. Stepford just wants to smash it to pieces.
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