"Eerie Estate"

Films: The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

Alias: Richard "Dominic", Jane Reid, Paul Henderson, Carla Lynde

Type: Natural (Dominic), Mystical (all else)

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral (Jane, maybe Dominic), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Come to that weird house standing in isolation! It's all on the pamphlet! Vampires, voodoo, vixens, victims, you name it! Just know that this construct bears little difference from the mirror of you...

History: A bizarre house, they say that those who live in it have their darkest recesses made manifest, and there are few survivors. This of course needs to be told in the form of multiple stories. One revolves around a hack job writer being apparently pursued by a villain of his own making, Dominic the serial killer. Another is about a couple guys obsessed with a waxwork (not important to us). Yet another is about a poor little girl named Jane growing fond of the occult around her abusive father. The last story is about an actor who finds a cloak that grants the wearer the power of the vampire.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: Dominic kills the author before being revealed to be a murderous accomplice of the author's wife, Jane kills her father by throwing a voodoo wax figure of him into a fire, and the cloak ends up turning two people into vampires, one of which is killed by a stake while the other still remains.

Powers/Abilities: Standard vampire abilities for the vampires.

Weakness: Anything conventional for all but the vampires.

Scariness Factor: 3-Dominic is pretty creepy stalking the shadows, Jane just hates her admittingly spiteful father, and while the vampires are somewhat intimidating, the way they float is a little silly.

Trivia: -All stories were written by Robert Bloch, the writer of "Psycho".

-Freddie Francis was going to direct originally, but he had other commitments in Hollywood, so it never happened.

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