"God help us all..."

Films: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

Alias: Death-God, Slayer of Hope, Blood-Bringer

Type: All of theme

Location: Civilized area/Anywhere else, probably...

Height/Weight: Tha t of an average human.

Affiliation: Pure Evil

Summary: The time of reckoning is at hand. If there was a case for all monsters to unite under a just cause, it would be to take out this messiah of doom. Beneath that cute, poorly-manufactured face is the unfeeling non-soul of our eventual destroyer.

History: We don't know it, but in the midst of man's greatest atrocities, the Ice Cream Bunny was always there. It saved John Wilkes Booth a seat at the theater. It shot Franz Ferdinand with a silencer. It denied Hitler art school. It told Kennedy that the brakes were working just fine. And we never noticed it. Of course, the only documented sighting was when it approached Santa Claus (who was stuck in the sand at Florida), riding its blood-red fire truck-chariot, all the way from its shrine at Pirate’s World.

Notable Kills: None seen, but if one looks past this film, insurmountable.

Final Fate: Manages to free Santa, but only because it plans on influencing more to end up on the naughty list. To this day, the Ice Cream Bunny lurks, poisoning the world at large until its bottomless desire to cause suffering is satisfied...

Powers/Abilities: Can manipulate others, especially children, into doing its bidding.

Weakness: NONE.

Scariness Factor: 100-Its disastrous micro-budget attempt at being an endearing mascot character is merely a taste of its true colors. If action is not taken swiftly, the Ice Cream Bunny will grow strong enough to leave this world undone, and the ways of demons and darkness will reign in its name. And the world will hear its call forever...HURR HURR HURR!!!

Trivia: -In case you didn't get it, this whole bio is a joke no one asked to be told. Just tell Jerry that I'm never taking bio recommendations from him ever again.

-Seriously, this half-hearted vehicle for a defunct amusement park is the kind of film you not show, but INFLICT on someone.

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Oh, he'll take your breath away. His expression pretty much tells you the implications of that.
Somebody take the wheel! Crash that thing! SET YOU ALL FREE!
"Now, which one of you will I damn first in the name of Ghidorah?"