"Disaster-piece Theatre"

Films: The Meateater (1979)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: So the Phantom couldn't be around. Well, typical, we say. This is just some run of the mill theater, totally undeserving of the high class of that masked fiend. So how about this creepy old hobo instead? No? So be it.

History: This psychopath has been inhabiting the Crest movie theater for some time. He mostly hangs around the dark dreary parts eating rats. When a new family buys out the place, he takes a huge interest in the teenage daughter, seeing an uncanny resemblance between her and his favorite actor. It's kidnapping time!

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: After his girl is taken away from him, the Maneater gives slow chase before confronting another and pushing him off the roof, where he turns into fine red paste. The Maneater just walks away, defeated and having to content himself with more rats to eat.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-He looks like what would happen if Doc Brown took an interest in meth, but that's about it. Most of the time, he's just awkward and neurotic. He comes off more as pathetic than threatening.

Trivia: -This film is also known as "Blood Theatre".

-The Meateater was played by Arch Joboulian, who starred in...literally nothing else. Huh.

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