"To bee or not to bees"

Films: The Swarm (1978)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized area/p>

Height/Weight: That of average killer bees.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Bees are perhaps our greatest frenemy of the insect world. On one hand, honey and busy metaphors. On the other, that goddamn stinging. Bee swarms are the stuff of nightmares for some people. Now prepare for a bee swarm apocalypse.

History: Driven mad by sounds that sound like a queen bee, a massive swarm of killer bees has been wreaking havoc across the Texan countryside. Everywhere they go, there are almost no survivors, and it just seems to increase in power and size with each passing day.

Notable Kills: They destroy a military facility and a train in their rampage.

Final Fate: Using a sound resembling that of a queen bee, the people lead the swarm into a body of water filled with flammable oil. The oil is ignited, and the entire swarm goes out in flames.

Powers/Abilities: Their stings, at the lowest level of lethality, can induce terrifying visions.

Weakness: Anything conventional, and they are utterly sycophantic to any queen bee-equse sounds.

Scariness Factor: 4-This is essentially a plague of locusts if the locusts could sting you to death in less than a minute. Unnaturally aggressive and mind-breaking in terms of size, the swarm is only held back by a very logical weakness.

Trivia: -The killer bee, known also as the Africanized honey bee, is a real life example of a man-made mutation. The end result of European bees being crossbred with African bees, the end result was a highly aggressive and deadly bee that spreads like wildfire.

-Out of the millions of bees used to make this film, at least 800,000 of them had to have their stingers removed to work with the actors.

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These...these are obviously meant to pander to the meek public right?! RIGHT?!

Just TRY and hope the sun rises over the cloud of death and venom.

International "Bring a S^*#-Ton of Bees to Work' Day was a resounding failure.

"My gun full of BEES outta put a stop to this!"

Because a swarm of killer bees just wasn't terrifying enough.
In every man, there lies the ultimate example of servitude.

At least he only accidentally pressed the 'lunch' butt...wait...
Now, it really is red, black, and red all over.

"You idiots! We were aiming for the sparrows this whole time! The bees have the drop on us now!"