Films: Stanely (1972)

Alias: Stanley, Hazel, various other snakes

Type: Natural

Location: Swamp

Height/Weight: That of average snakes.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: Anyone who tells you that venomous snakes make great pets have clearly never tried to do it. And don't think for a moment that you can keep them under control. The deadliest of reptiles are not your personal attack dogs. Not once, not ever.

History: Stanley was a wandering diamondback rattlesnake until ex-Vietnam soldier Tim Ochopee came along and took him in as a pet, or at least one of many serpentine pets of his. Stanley eventually came to trust Tim, and even found a mate in the form of Hazel. But Tim found him and his new snake brothers as potential artillery against all who had wronged him.

Notable Kills: Not by Stanley's fangs, but a particularly sleazy victim is taken out when he accidentally jumps into a pool filled with Water Moccasins.

Final Fate: Stanley's mate and unhatched children are shot by a hunter. After some kills, the rattler's patience with Tim runs thin, as he then bites the man directly in the eye, setting off a chain reaction that burns the whole house down, with the snakes escaping back into the wild and Tim slowly succumbing to venom.

Powers/Abilities: Potent venom.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Snakes can wreck your day if they're venomous enough, and it just so happened that Tim picked some of the worst the Everglades had to offer. It's rather distressing when you can find just about every one of these serpents in the same area, regardless of whether they have a master or not.

Trivia: -Water Moccasins, or Cottonmouths, are not nearly as aggressive as they've been characterized as. In fact, they're more likely to swim away than bite. But if they do, we hope you're immune to gangrene.

-Stanley is an Eastern Diamondback, the largest of the rattlers in the U.S. It was depicted on one of the first U.S. flags, the Gadsden flag, during the American Revolution.

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Those anger management classes clearly failed for the both of them.

Yeah. The man. Forget the clearly intelligent snake.
The ACTUAL rainbow serpent couldn't be here.

Ben, in all fairness, wouldn't last a minute against Stanley.

Girl, quit trying to eat the title.

Sigh. They never learn in the long run, do they?