"This is not a Rick and Morty skit"

Films: The Day Time Ended (1979)

Alias: Mini-Greys, hippo beast, lizard beast

Type: Alien

Location: Desert

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a small dog to that of a house.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Here's a timey whimey tale to tide you over. And by that we mean that you might lose your way trying to figure out what's going on. We don't blame you.

History: A family in the Sonora Desert had the privilege of bearing witness to a triple supernova. The problem was that it inadvertently set off a rift in space and time right above them. Before they knew it, strange alien beings were coming onto their property. From the enigmatic tiny greys to the gargantuan titans of destruction with no allegiance whatsoever. It was going to be a long night.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The hippo beast is offed by the lizard beast, which is transported elsewhere by the aliens. By the end of it all, the family has been transported thousands of years into the future. Thankfully, the future of humanity looks very bright.

Powers/Abilities: Incredible resiliance.

Weakness: Each-other.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-There's nothing too unique about these creatures. The stop motion and effects in general don't really do them much of a service either. With that said, they are still credible threats, except for the smaller aliens.

Trivia: -Just about the entire human cast came from the same family. Nepotism at its finest.

-This film had two titles before being released. They were "Earth's Final Fury" and "Vortex".

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Where's Future Trunks when you need him?!

Gloria the Hippo: Apocalypse Edition.
Beware! The Saucer Men have returned!

They both never got over that incident at the bar and how they lost their hair that day.

"Truly, I have hit a new low in this small state."