"No need for the Plague"

Films: Willard (1971), Ben (1972)

Alias: Willard Stiles, Socrates, Ben

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted Home/Civilized area/Underground

Height/Weight: That of their average species.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: A dog is not always man's best friend. One needs to often extend his boundaries, and find that companionship can come from all kinds of species. And what better pick than the intelligent and dutiful rat? Just make sure that they fully trust you.

History: Willard Stiles was that social outcast belittled by his remaining family and horrible boss. His only friends were the rats that popped up every now and then. His two favorites were Socrates and Ben. But Willard's a bit unhinged from years of psychological torment, and vows to sic his rats on anyone who's ever slighted him.

Notable Kills: A swarm of gnawing furry killers all over your body doesn't sound particularly pleasant.

Final Fate: Socrates is killed by the boss, who is in turn eaten by the rats. However, after Willard believes the rats have outlived their usefulness, Ben goes rogue and unleashes the army on him. Soon afterward, Ben is in the care of a child, and while his entire pack is burnt by flamethrowers in the end, he's still out there.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Rats outweigh humans significantly in population, so an entire swarm bent on killing you sounds pretty bad. Ben himself seems a bit unhinged even for a rat, so once Willard's out of the picture, things get really bad.

Trivia: -These films are based on Stephen Gilbert's novel, "Ratman's Notebooks".

-Willard was played by Bruce Davison, who would go on to be nominated for an academy award for his role in 1989's "Longtime Companion".

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Where Willard ends, Nezula rises.

"And then they kissed!"

In fact, he's living the high and filthy life.

He'll even dress like a girl because Willard just snapped further.

"Wait a minute. I have to eat WHAT to become one of you?!"

Ernest Borgnine was clearly unprepared for the ensueing makeout.

ACK! Socrates has come back from the grave!

"Kid, you almost snapped my neck here."
"Those aren't peaches! THOSE ARE MY BALLS!"

"Today, Garfield! Tommorrow, Zorba!"