"NO ONE can hear you scream..."

Films: Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), Alien: Resurrection (1997), Alien vs. Predator (2004), Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007), Alien Covenant (2017)

Alias: Xenomorph XX121, Internecivus Raptus, Runner Alien, the Hybrid, Predalien, Neomorphs

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch location/Haunted home/Tundra/Civilized area

Height/Weight: For a normal one, at least 7 feet and 180 kilograms.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: This is it. The most infamous and terrifying thing to plague the galaxies. The deadliest threat to any ecosystem. It's not as calculating and unstoppable as the Pods, but its presence sends shockwaves of fear across any planet they happen to be on. They are the Xenomorph collective, and they will kill every last one of you.

History: The true origin of the Xenomorphs remains enigmatic, but theories abound. The most prevailing one is that they began as little more than goo. A black goo created by "the Engineers", the true precursors of man. The Engineers eventually abandoned this goo, which mutated average creatures in spore-bred Necromorphs and had the terrifying potential to implant embryos deep within the body of vicious monsters. Alas, in the distant future, an android named David would come across this substance, and when he found humans (really STUPID humans, at that) to test it on, he found that using man as a host would give rise to the one thing that could surpass us: the true Xenomorph. And pretty soon, the galaxy was crawling with Xenomorph colonies, all seeing no other purpose than to breed, kill, spread, repeat. Man was not the only race to combat them, though. The Yautja race saw them as vile scourge, and hunted them for sport and glory. And then, there were subspecies like the dog-bred Runner, that strangely tragic hybrid from the fourth film, and the goddamn malignant Predalien.

Notable Kills: They reproduce by fertilizing sperm in you, and let the baby burst out of your chest in a shower of blood and guts. What else needs to be said?

Final Fate: You can bet that there are still Xenomorphs out there, despite the scores of them dead at the hands of headstrong humans and Yautja alike. They’ve simply spread too much for extinction to be within the realm of possibility. The one silver lining is that they haven't reached Earth, and when they did, that was taken care of rather quickly.

Powers/Abilities: Perhaps most astounding of all is their ability to adapt to different hosts. Depending on the host, the physical appearance and capability of a Xenomorph will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All Xenomorph variants have acidic blood, a spear tail, and a secondary jaw for cracking heads.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 5-THIS. SPECIES. WAS SPECIFICALLY. MEANT TO BE. UN-F*CKING-STOPPABLE AS A WHOLE. Everything about them serves no purpose other than to destroy, divide, and conquer. They are masters of stealth and brutality all at once. If you aren't afraid of these things in any capacity, then we recommend that you seek professional help immediately.

Trivia: -"Xenomorph" comes from the Greek terms for "strange" and "form", respectively.

-Xenomorphs didn't just meet the Yautjas. They have also crossed over with Batman, the Terminator, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, Witchblade (?!), and even Vampirella. This is all mostly in comics, of course.

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Worth a try, though.

H.P Lovecraft couldn't be around. Not even for this odd poster.

And thus, Xenoism was made.

Would somebody just break out some seductive music already?!

Bugs Bunny is all over that creed.

The Flams have been taken over by the Xenomorphs! Run!

"You need a bigger door! And more OSHA compliance. Those elevators sucked."

Back from Development Hell...and sent to Critique Hell.

"Where's my biscuit, inferior one?!"

Should have pulled the plug right about now.

"Um...I was just acting out. I didn't expect YOU to join in."

The match to end them all.

Seems that the Xenomorph suffered from a photoshop disaster.

"Who's the idiot who came up with this idea?! Oh, wait..."

On this day, Jesus truly wept.

Wolf, you might need a bucket for this.

Sound advice.

"I know nachos are good, but this is ridiculous!"

"Well, those idiots on the ship are dead. How about MORE idiots?!"
Hell awaits in the darkest corner of the infinite.

No, we're not doing a Guyver crossover.


Here, a lone Xenomorph can hold sway.

Isn't childbirth magical?

As drawn by the same guys behind the Brazilian Street Fighter comics. Actually, this is better.

Upon learning what a ransom note was, this Xenomorph got busy.

3 times the delays in the making of this scrap.

One hand on the foot and you're going down, regardless of logic.

"Epic dance-off! GO!"

Say hello to Grid before he got his nickname.


Everyone? Congrats. That's my ticket out of this chaos.


Easy to do, unless you're an idiot who just PEERS INTO IT AT THE ADVICE OF A KILLER ANDROID!

Ripley would all want you to just leave. Not out of panic, but of embaressment.

If it helps, the one about to become headless isn't as big of an idiot as her next of kin.
A legend comes forth.

The true terror...CLOWNS!

Blood types B, A, and Whatever.


You should really consult a doctor when stuff like this happens.

"At least, I'm an ACTUAL mother."

MORE Heaven/Hell imagery?! At least it isn't Dawn of Justice.

It was at this moment this Queen knew...she f#&$ed up.

Even they can get seizures.

A kingdom of corpses is all they'll rule.

"We are NOT amused! Though, I'd still like a jacket."

Moving on! MOVING ON!

Drooling's rude, you know.

"I am Groot! Buy all of me!"
A word you won't forget, either.

Wrong movie, poster. Also, a knife? Good luck with the acid blood.

Another power of the Xenomorph: Not being torn apart instantly by airlock.

With how smart the marines were in the film, I'd say making the planet look like this would STILL not tip them off that they have no chance.

By the way, she dies in the third movie. That's...that's just great. Yeah. Real mature, guys.

Catfight! What? I'm into that.

Get the imagery now? Ah, forget it. Praise be to Ripley.

Yeah, just tell him where the rabbits are. With a body like that, he wouldn't get far.


She's going to the status of her franchise: Sunk.

Savagery Vs. Justice. The ultimate battle. Suck it, Dawn of Justice.

The last dance of the honorable and the animilistic.

Don't you remember? Nobody will hear you.

"Sigh. I'm surrounded by idiots. I mean, look at you two. Making out when you know the terror isn't over. Let's get this over with."