"Sharks in Silver"

Films: Gamera Vs. Zigra (1971)

Alias: Jigura, Jigra, Zigura

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Ocean/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 80 meters and 75 metric tons.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Gamera's last foe was...well, at least he had a few more brain cells than most of the previous kaiju. And before you ask, "Gamera: Super Monster" still doesn't exist, so use your imagination for a better conclusion to the original series. Unless you're really into sharks, that is.

History: Hailing from a planet he named after himself, Zigra screwed over his own race after his scientific advancements drove it into a dark age. Soon, he and his followers decided to take Earth and especially its oceans. The takeover depended mostly on Zigra's power, and a hostage negotiation involving Gamera's no.1 liability, Kenny. The turtle came as usual, and it went from there.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After being forced onto land a second time, Zigra gets a giant boulder from Gamera lodged onto his center horn, causing him to fall over. Having subdued the mad shark monster, Gamera humiliates him by playing his theme on his fins like a xylophone before burning him to bits with his fire.

Powers/Abilities: Zigra can go from a fast ocean form to a durable land form on a whim. He can also emit a paralyzing heat ray from a gem on his forehead.

Weakness: Bright lights and fire.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-For what it's worth, Zigra looks pretty intimidating for what appears to be a demonic goblin shark, and has a bit of a commanding voice. But that doesn't change the fact that Gamera beat him up and used him as an instrument at the same time.

Trivia: -Believe it or not, Zigra was originally going to team up with Viras' race to beat Gamera in the first draft for this film.

-Shortly after this film was released, Daiei fell into bankruptcy, and to add insult to injury, the resulting riot ended up torching almost all of the equipment used for the previous Gamera movies.

Image Gallery

Gamera realizes too late that water and fire don't go together.

My God...it's full of skittles.
Sorry, Gamera. He's not into you. He'd be better off with Slappy Squirrel.

Zigra just begged for death after the embaressment that happened here.
More like into hysterics.

Yes, yes. Smile, away-LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!

"Fear my disco lair of doom!"

Not the worst thing happening to him today.