"Just...just burn in Hell, all of you"

Films: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Jungle

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Deep within the jungles of South America lies the very worst of humanity. An evil so horrible it has no place in modern civilization. Such malice is only capable by those who seek out personal gain and nothing else. No, we are not talking about the cannibal tribe here. We're here to talk about human sh*t-stain Alan Yates.

History: Alan Yates was a wannabe film director coming with his friends to the Amazon in search of the Yanomano, a tribe of violent yet good natured and honorable cannibals at war with an even worse group of meat-eaters known as the Shamatari. Soon, Alan and his crew vanished. Now, only lost film remains, and for the unfortunate viewer, it's clear that Alan was the real monster of the story...

Notable Kills: Alan and friends blaze through the story violently killing animals before eating them, as well as being possibly responsible for...THAT...impalement scene. Oh, and they gang-raped one of the younger maidens. Unambiguously.

Final Fate: As one might guess, the Yanomano are utterly pissed off by Yates' crew's murderous shenanigans, and proceed to murder the entire crew in equally violent ways. Yates can only descend into madness as he films his friends dying over saving them before the cannibals finish him off, the last thing filmed being his bloodied face.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Yates is a loser inside and out, but a damn sociopath on top of it all. His sheer desire to film as much carnage as possible led to genocide, rape, and madness in no particular order. It's as one asks in the end, "I wonder who the real cannibals are?"

Trivia: -This might be THE most controversial film here. Real life animals were killed, everywhere except Japan banned it for a while, and above all, the film crew was taken to court. Why? Because the violence was so realistic that some thought it was a legitimate snuff film. Thankfully, no one actually died, therefore no arrests came, though director Ruggero Deodatto claims that he would never had made this film if he had foreseen the consequences.

-Cannibal tribes are still a thing in this world. One example is the island of Fiji, a place notorious for its long history of cannibalism. Thankfully, these traditions have been mostly stamped out, but some still remain in the Naihehe Caves of the island.

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Oh, god...there's no going back from this bio, is there?

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Let's keep it that way.
Humanity just can't wait to revert back into meat-starved animals, can't they?!

Jerk or not, this is quite uncomfortable to look at.

Unlike Freaks, this damn well earned that title.

Just drop the camera and run. You'll need that advice later...
He's seen things. Things normal men shouldn't bear witness to.

You've already seen what happens next. Just...look around this page. This blood-drenched page...

A sign that their sins are about to come at them full-circle.
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Every sin is reflected in the blood that will be spilled.

Remember, Alan. This is something worth filming. Your demise, that is.