"The ultimate high and low"

Films: Brain Damage (1988)

Alias: Elmer

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of a rat.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: We are pretty familiar with malignant alien beings using persuasion disguised as helpfulness to get what they want. This one is...smaller, yes, but no less powerful. You'd better hope you don't like drugs...

History: Long ago, Alymer the parasite came to Earth looking for fresh brains to eat. The people who nurtured him gave him animal brains, but he grew tired of that pretty soon. For human brains, he found, were much more nutritious and tasty. And now, anyone unfortunate enough to encounter him has a choice. Either let your brain get eaten by him, or become his host, enjoy an amazingly euphoric high, and find victims for him.

Notable Kills: He eats brains through people's mouths.

Final Fate: Alymer's most recent host tries to go through withdrawal after finding out how much of a monster he really is, but he's not having any of it. It takes someone else to make Alymer overfill said host with fluid, causing the alien to expire.

Powers/Abilities: Alymer can control a human host to do his bidding without them knowing. In return, he injects said host with a powerful hallucinogen that brings complete ecstasy, but also induces terrifying visions should the person attempt withdrawal.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Despite his diminutive size, Alymer is a walking metaphor for just how destructive a life on drugs can be. Don't let his suave demeanor and voice fool you, he just wants to get his rows upon rows of sharp teeth around some unfortunate bystander's brain...

Trivia: -It’s obvious to anyone who sees this film, but Duane Bradley from "Basket Case" makes a cameo, carrying Belial's basket. Director Frank Henenlotter also did that film.

-Alymer was voiced (uncredited) by John Zacherle, an often forgotten horror host.

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Wait, really?! Get the surgical equipment!

The Quickening was apparently too much for him.

For a guy who's head is going up like a firework's display, that's awfully calm.

So, why even bother?

Yeah, enjoy that meal while it lasts, you pig.

They make for a hearty murderous bunch.

Stop looking cute. You're still a creep.
You still want to do drugs after this?

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