"Don't build girlfriends"

Films: Deadly Friend (1986)

Alias: Samantha Pringle

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average four-wheeled lawnmower (base form), that of an average human (human form).

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: How far would you go to preserve the one you love? This far? If so, than you have issues. Get them fixed, NOW.

History: Paul Conway had two treasures in his life. The nice but abused girl next door, Samantha Pringle, and his own custom-built robot friend, BB. Then one bad day, BB got offed by a shotgun, and Samantha got put in a terminal coma by her abusive dad. Out of desperation, Paul used BB's remaining microchip to revive Sam. But BB seemed to be the one in control, and if his previous overprotective behavior with Paul was mildly concerning, it was only going to get worse...

Notable Kills: That insanely gory death-by-basketball is both visceral and unintentionally hilarious. Then again, considering it's Wes Craven at the director's seat, maybe he wanted laughs himself…

Final Fate: After a long rampage, Samantha/BB finally starts regaining some humanity, only for the authorities to shoot her down. Paul tries to revive her again later, but she then springs to life, shedding her human skin to reveal a new and more threatening BB, who kills him. That's all folks!

Powers/Abilities: Super-human strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-BB&aposs base form is a pathetic, if competent, being meant to be friendly. But if his new human form is anything to go by, he was always okay with murder if it meant being with Paul. And he/she&aposs rather capable now...

Trivia: -Wes Craven's original cut was much less gory and horrific, but his test audiences, mostly his own fanbase, hated it. So he was tasked with adding more horror, and the result was...tonally inconsistent, to say the least.

-It doesn't end there. Wes apparently had at least twenty producers breathing down his neck, each with their own ideas of what the film would be like. Again, it contributed to the strangeness of the final product.

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Babe...you've gotten a lot uglier.

Seriously?! How did this union of man and machine become so?!

Okay, maybe the turn to evil wasn't that abrupt.
At least, she got a good taste in nail polish. Not so much in eye-shadow, as we refuse to show.

A romance that could have been great.
What did I say about the eye-shadow/human form?

Confused? Yep. Angered? Definately.