"Moo-ve over"

Films: Mutilations (1986)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Forest/Civilized area/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Many people like to think of the classic image of an alien abducting cattle for reasons unknown. This race decided to skip on the abduction and right to the killing part. The horrible, violent killing part.

History: Somewhere in rural America, a rancher's cattle are dropping like flies, with many being left as flailing corpses. The farmer claims that the culprit is a violent alien species seeking food from anything it could get its hands on. The visiting high schoolers of course don't believe him...until they start getting killed too.

Notable Kills: Every time these aliens suck away at someone or something's life essence...it ain't pretty. I mean, did you SEE that cow carcass?!

Final Fate: Many aliens are killed, but in the end, their crashed ship is taken out by explosives, ensuring that they're all dead.

Powers/Abilities: These aliens can suck out the essence of all life forms with mouths on their hands.

Weakness: Bright lights.

Scariness Factor: 4-Sure, close-ups of their feet can be unconvincing, but the rest proves to be a sight. That jerky stop-motion and the extent of their powers make them some very unnerving invaders. They also seem to have their own language, so don't think you're going up against anything stupid, either.

Trivia: -Apparently, the alien leg close-ups were achieved with molds from popsicle sticks.

-There was going to be a sequence involving lots of rats, but that proved to be too costly.

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Congrats, dummy. 30 people saw that.
So much for cosmic restraints.

I bet you're now regretting calling this alien bland now.

If you looked at the image above, you would have know that this won't end well.