"Pure car-nage"

Films: Christine (1983)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average Plymouth.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: You ever hear of the girl who's so in love with you that she'll kill anyone who hurts you? Christine was one of those girls, and man, was she ever the biggest b*tch on wheels to ever grace the screen. Oh, and we mean "wheels" literally...

History: Made as a 1958 Plymouth Fury, Christine was always a peculiar car in the eyes of the many. Everyone who owns her dies horribly, and some say that she's a car possessed by a demon. That very may well be the case, as years after her conception, Christine is bought by a high school loser named Arnie, desperate for something worthy of gratitude. From there, Arnie becomes more possessive and unhinged, and even after bullies wreck Christine, she repairs herself, and drives off to kill them.

Notable Kills: Smashes someone between herself and an alley, and kills others in a gas explosion before her burning body offs a runaway.

Final Fate: After accidentally killing Arnie while trying to run over his friends, Christine is put down for good when a bulldozer puts the crush on her. Soon afterward, she's reduced to a metal cube that futilely tries to self-repair.

Powers/Abilities: Can repair herself into pristine condition even after a serious beating.

Weakness: Too much damage can bust Christine beyond conceivable repair. Put her in pieces, basically.

Scariness Factor: 4-Christine may look like a flashy sportscar on the surface, but she has the same predatory instinct and capacity for evil that the black car from many years ago did back in his movie. And at least that one stayed dead when it got totaled...

Trivia: -Christine was portrayed by two different Plymouth models, none of them being the Fury variety. Director John Carpenter used about 20 cars to carry the role, and out of them all, only two survive to this day, one of which had to be saved from a junkyard.

-Author Stephen King, the writer of the original story, claims that he chose a Plymouth Fury as the car because of how obscure it became when the 50s stopped being a thing. He also made it ambiguous as to whether Christine was evil to begin with, or was influenced by her owner first.

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Typical high school drama...if it wasn't, well, this.

Why do you think she's going to slam that on your hand?! That's basically removing her bra!
She never listens when people say "no teeth".

This? Simply, a bath, considering what's controlling her.
She noticed you didn't friend her on Facebook.

You're in her neighborhood now.
Walk towards the light to Hell.

Whoo! Catfight!