"Little Red Running Hood"

Films: The Company of Wolves (1984)

Alias: The Huntsman, various others

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans (or wolves, occasionally).

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: There is no more classic antagonist of fairy tales than the wolf. The bane of the woods back in its day, these lupines were only amplified by tales of werewolves. But when do fairy tales end and werewolves begin...?

History: In a fantastical dream world, Rosalee is told not to stray off the beaten path or talk to any strangers with unibrows, mainly due to them probably being werewolves. Alas, he meets one in the form of a huntsman, who's suave attitude and dashing looks challenge Rosalee's beliefs. Along the way, stories are exchanged between characters, usually involving werewolves of some kind.

Notable Kills: When the huntsman knocks off granny's head, it shatters like a doll's head on the ground. Symbolism!

Final Fate: Eventually, Rosalee gives in to the wolf's temptations, and becomes a werewolf herself. Then she and her pack break into the real Rosalee's room. Wait, did we miss something here?!

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Their werewolf forms are just regular wolves (or dogs, depending on the budget), but what separates these wolves from the rest is the horrifying nature of their transformations. Was the 80s having a contest with itself over who could have the most painful, body horror-laden wolf transformation ever?! Cause this one wins by a landslide!

Trivia: -This film is based on a short story from Angela Carter's 1979 anthology collection, "The Bloody Chamber".

-Most of the wolves in the film are played by Belgian Sheepdogs, of all breeds. What? Were there no Huskies or Tamaskans around at the time?!

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This film is never going to make you forget this image.

Still better than Jacob Black and Renesmee.
The Brothers Grimm would be proud.

Puberty and LSD. Never a good combination.

"Look at what I can do! Why are you screaming?"
Tell the moon to stop checking you out.

Jeff Dunham's newest puppet wasn't that big of a hit for obvious reasons.

This is recompense for us not giving into their begging, right?