"You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably die"

Films: Creepshow (1982), Creepshow 2 (1987)

Alias: Nathan Grantham, Space Weeds, Becky Vickers, Harry Wentworth, Fluffy the Crate Monster, Roach Horde, Old Chief Wood'nhead, Lake Gunk, the Hitchhiker

Type: Mystical (Nathan, Becky and Harry, Wood'nhead, Hitchhiker), Alien (Space Weeds), Natural (Fluffy, Roaches), Unknown (Lake Gunk)

Location: Haunted home (Nathan, Space Weeds, Becky and Harry, Fluffy, Roaches), Civilized area (Wood'nhead, Hitchhiker), Lake (Lake Gunk)

Height/Weight: Varies from none at all to that of an average human.

Affiliation: Good (Becky and Harry, Roaches, Wood'nhead), Neutral (the rest)

Summary: Well kids, it's time to whip out some popcorn, turn the lights off, and get ready for a menagerie of short stories that spell doom for some, and laughs for a few others...most of the time at least. Point is, prepare for variety!

History: The Creepshow comic is one of the most popular venues for horror among the kids, and it's easy to see why considering its usage of unusual creatures and black comedy. The Creeper makes these stories, and particularly likes giving them to horror aficionado boy, Billy. These stories include a patriarch named Nathan Grantham coming back from the dead to get his Father's Day cake, a meteor carrying assimilating weeds, a couple named Becky and Harry rising again after being waterlogged to death, a fluffy meat-eating monster being let loose from a crate, a horrible man being haunted by a swarm of cockroaches, the wooden idol of a noble chieftain seeking vengeance against his owners' murderers, a black gunk that eats anyone who swims in its lake, and a hitchhiker that won't let death get in the way of his destination.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: Nathan gets his cake after killing several of his family members, the weeds spread into the world under the promise of rainfall, the drowned couple subject their killer to the same fate, Fluffy is thrown down a waterfall after he kills his owner's sleazy wife (though the beast survives), the roaches kill and infest their target, Wood'nhead kills the bad guys and scalps their leader, the gunk eats all of the rowdy teens that invaded its turf, and the hitchhiker kills off his unfeeling killer by trapping her in a carbon monoxide-filled area (his destination was Dover). Well, that was ripping!

Powers/Abilities: Many cannot be undone by death, as Nathan and the drowned folks attest to.

Weakness: Anything conventional...unless you're the weeds or the gunk or Chief.

Scariness Factor: 4-These beasts are varying degrees of horrifying. All of the undead are in an increasingly unpleasant state of decay, Fluffy is a toothy ape from Hell, the weeds are a cosmic horror story waiting to happen, and the gunk is the last thing you want to encounter in any body of water. Still, at least the roaches and the Chief were noble in their causes, especially the latter.

Trivia: -These films were helmed by horror icons Stephen King and George Romero. King even played as the unfortunate farmer in the story about the space weeds.

-Yes, we're aware that "Creepshow 3" is a thing, but King and Romero had nothing to do with it, and considering what it offered to the table (i.e. NOTHING), we'd best forget about it.

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