"Come and die-I mean, dine."

Films: Blood Diner (1987)

Alias: The Tutman brothers, Anwar Namtut, Sheetar

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans (Anwar's just a brain).

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Amazingly, when the baddie here kickstarted his evil Goddess resurrection plan, the two dunderheads of his were actually not to bad at it. It helps that their world was hardly less zany than them.

History: One day, the spirit of the serial killer Anwar Namtut felt the need to finish what he started: resurrecting the vile Lumerian Goddess of bloodshed, Sheetar. To do this, he hired his nephews, Michael and George Tutman, so that they could recover his still-living brain, and host a diner to lure in sin-filled women. Said women would make great meat for the ritual!

Notable Kills: Just listen to us say "naked fighting woman killed by stalactite in Bronson Caves" and try to take us seriously from that moment on.

Final Fate: The ritual is held at a Nazi glam rock concert (how fitting), and Sheetar comes forth, driving many into a cannibalistic state. But the ritual is botched by detectives, and one of the brothers gets shoved into her gaping stomach-maw. Now while Sheetar may walk among the living as a fang-toothed vixen, the taste of idiot man-flesh most likely caused her to lose her taste (Ha!) in all that killing.

Powers/Abilities: Sheetar can turn people into cannibalistic zombies, as well as shoot finger lighting that blows people up violently. She also has a vertical mouth on her belly.

Weakness: A ruined ritual will bring Sheetar down to (slightly) mortal.

Scariness Factor: 3-We'd be more afraid of Sheetar and her raw power, but the whole affair is so darkly goofy that the fear is somewhat diminished. Also, most of her victims were neo-Nazis. No tears were shed on that night.

Trivia: -There are no Lumerians, and there is no Godess Sheetar in any mythology. However, the closest deity to her would be Whaitiri, the Maori Goddess of thunder. She was such a cannibal that she fell head over heels for a mortal who's name literally means Man-Eater. But it turned out that he was more of a nice guy than she thought, and in the end of her myth, she's content to eat sweet potatoes in solitude. Perhaps Sheetar goes through a similar dillemma in the future.

-This film was meant to be a sequel to "Blood Feast", but it was eventually decided that this film would stand on its own.

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