"The upper class of horror"

Films: Society (1989)

Alias: Various, notably Judge Carter, Dr. Cleveland, Bill's entire family

Type: Natural (maybe)

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil (for most)

Summary: We all make jokes about the upper class eating the lower so that it may persist. But what happens when things get...literal? And not just the bog-standard cannibalism trope, either. This is a bit viler. Much viler, actually.

History: Bill Whitney may be the popular kid at school, but he doesn't quite feel like he belongs. His family of upper-class twits doesn’t line up with his way of thinking, and he's begun having suspicions that they're keeping secrets from him. And he's right. His family is just some of a bizarre humanoid offshoot of civilization that persists by eating those lower than them in status, and has been around since life began. They are led by the sinister Judge Carter, and are targeting Bill.

Notable Kills: You WILL lose your appetite upon seeing how the Society "shunts" victims.

Final Fate: Bill manages to take out one member, Ferguson, before running off with some friends, one of which is a traitor to the species. The evil beings simply decide to carry on without him.

Powers/Abilities: They can change their forms in impossible and unsettling ways.

Weakness: Turn them inside out.

Scariness Factor: 4-If you ever wondered what a porno designed specifically for David Cronenberg would look like, this is the answer. It doesn't help that on top of the body horror, there is no trace of empathy in just about any of these creatures.

Trivia: -The horrific "shunting" sequence was inspired by the nightmares of director Brian Yuzna, as well as an infamous surrealist painting by Salvador Dali known as "The Great Masturbator". Really sets the tone, that title.

-This film actually began as a slasher flick featuring a fanatical cult.

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It kinda is what you expect...and isn't at the same time.

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Pizza the Hutt must have scored big on that new role.
I can even see a footprint there. There really is no restraint in these shuntings, isn't there?

The Day my Butt Went Psycho.