"Home is where the heart is...even in space"

Films: E.T.-The Extraterrestrial (1982)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Forest/Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of a small child.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: Not all aliens have to come to Earth and raze the whole place to make a point. Some just think we're pretty neat, and would like to see Earth for its beauty. Honestly, we need to be a bit more open every now and then, lest any aliens start having problems due to our intervention.

History: E.T.'s species like collecting exotic alien plants above all else. They came to California to collect samples, but in their haste to get out of there, they left one of their own behind. This alien, E.T., took refuge in a young kid's house, and developed a psychic connection to him. Hijinks ensue, and both E.T. and little Elliot find themselves way in over their heads...

Notable Kills: None

Final Fate: After temporarily dying, E.T. helps Elliot and the other kids get him back to where the rescue ship will land. He departs, but not before assuring Elliot that he'll never forget him, as well as leaving rainbow in the sky as a sign of good will.

Powers/Abilities: Can revive most life forms, and can form psychic links with others.

Weakness: Everything that happens to his "link" will happen to him and vice versa. Also, he cannot stand Earth's atmosphere for too long.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-The only thing remotely frightening about E.T. is the disturbing implications of being connected to an alien whose screw-ups (like getting drunk) can affect you. Aside from that, he's completely harmless, and downright saintly in his actions. Also, he's adorable in an ugly way.

Trivia: -E.T. was voiced by Pat Welsh, an actress who's chain smoking problems helped give the alien the raspy, gender-ambiguous voice he had.

-E.T.'s conception was...rather depressing. Director Steven Spielberg came up with him all the way in 1960 as an imaginary friend that could be there for him after his parents' divorce. His plans for a movie based on these childhood gripes went through several phases over his career before he settled on this film.

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His adventure on a planet that's slowly killing itself. FUN!

"This one's loaded."

Wait until an owl gets a funny idea of what to do next.

Grab the gun and spare youself of this pain, E.T.
His ship has also accidentally started a cult.

E.T is probably okay, but the kid on the bike is totally dead and/or burnt up in the atmosphere.

"That wasn't...weed..."
Remember when E.T was supposed to be a horrifying alien monster? We didn't know either.

E.T, the NAMBLA terrestrial.