"The Witching Hours"

Films: Superstition (1982)

Alias: Mary

Type: Mystical

Location: Lake/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Once again, we have ourselves a vengeance-seeking witch taking it out on the modern day. And this time, there's no Barbara Steele to act as eye candy. Such a pity.

History: Back in the 17th century, Elondra Sharack was accused of witchcraft by a little girl. Before she drowned, she cursed the area she lived in, promising to never truly die. Centuries later, she made good on that promise, as her final resting place came to be known as the Black Pond. And worse, some idiot removed the crucifix keeping her at bay for most of the night, letting her haunt the land around an abandoned house for a little longer.

Notable Kills: Sends a rotating sawblade through a guy's chest, and hammers a giant nail though a girl's head.

Final Fate: Elondra is driven back to her pond after she gets a crucifix through the chest. However, she drags her killer with her as a final act of spite.

Powers/Abilities: Can shapeshift, and manipulate reality to some extent.

Weakness: Holy objects, especially crucifixes, cause her to stumble in her power.

Scariness Factor: 4-The only thing worse than an evil witch is a pragmatic one. If her creepy elongated devil arms don't get to you, her brutal way of killing people will. How many witches do you know that are willing to get this physical?

Trivia: -Due to the Video Nasty craze, this film wouldn't get an uncut release until 1986, where it was released as "The Witch".

-Although filming wrapped up in 1982, this film was put on the backburner before being distributed and shown to the public in 1985.

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