"A violent Valentine's Day"

Films: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Alias: Axel Palmer

Type: Natural

Location: Cave/Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans (original and copycat).

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: The legacy of a serial killer is something to be admired. In a horrified way, of course. Because even if one baddie dies, another might take his place.

History: Twenty years ago in Valentine Bluffs, a group of miners were left trapped in the caves after their supervisors got distracted with the Valentines Day celebrations. One miner, Harry Warden, went mad, ate all his friends, and escaped to kill those responsible for the incident. He then warned the place that if there was another Valentines Day dance, he'd strike again. But he didn't count on the son of one of his victims being inspired by his rampage. So when the dance resumed two decades later, teen Axel Palmer, who watched his father get killed by Harry at a young age, took his place to punish the Bluffs again.

Notable Kills: Axel dunks a guy in a scalding pot of water and sausages, as well as impaling a girl's head on a water pump.

Final Fate: Axel is eventually exposed, and after getting his arm ripped off by a cave collapse, descends further into the caves away from civilization, raving how Harry Warden made them all pay.

Powers/Abilities: Proficient with his trusty pick-axe.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Harry? Axel? Doesn't matter. A guy coming at you in creepy mining gear with a taste for blood is terrifying all the same. Slightly less so when the mask comes off, though.

Trivia: -Fittingly, this film was released in February of its year to collide with Valentines Day.

-This film was going to simply be called "The Secret", but it and several plot elements were changed to coincide with the "killer holiday" trend going on.

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For example, a good ol' fashioned pickaxe!

And lose them, these people do.

Spoilers: He's not exactly the affectionate type.

That's your final message? Kinda odd, but I'll take it.

Especially if your elected to be victim to a shower of all things.

A new way to think of the phrase "Weiner-Eater".

"I make food of my own and it's still comparible to the conditions in this job! Mainly, shit!"

Kids these days. Always becoming copycat killers.