"A real har-vex"

Films: Children of the Corn (1984), Children of the Corn 2: The Final Sacrifice (1992), Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest (1995), Children of the Corn 4: The Gathering (1996), Children of the Corn 5: Fields of Terror (1998), Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999), Children of the Corn: Revelation (2001), Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011), Children of the Corn: Runaway (2018)

Alias: Isaac Chroner, Malachai Boardman, He Who Walks Behind the Rows, Micah, Mordecai, Eli, Earl the Scarecrow, Josiah, Ezeekial, Abel

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average human children, but He is as big as a small building.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Nothing good ever came out of a cult. At least, not one that worships any demons. But for some ungodly reason, this cult has been going strong for decades, each outing more tiresome than the last.

History: Long ago in the town of Gatlin, Nebraska, all of the adults perished at the hands of their own children. This was due in part to the influence of He Who Walks Behind the Rows, a demon that inhabited and possessed their entire corn harvest. It also possessed the children to go evil. Now, a whole cult has sprouted (ha!) from his influence, with the members getting killed when they hit 19 (later 18). At the moment, the leader of this cult was little zealot Isaac Chroner, who lead the kids to kill anyone who dared set foot on Gatlin.

Notable Kills: Anytime there is corn around the place, be prepared for an undignified, corn-related death.

Final Fate: Due to dissention within the ranks, Isaac's religion is botched, and he ends up killed (supposedly) alongside his demonic master after the field gets set on fire. However, He still lived, and from there, the cult's influence kept turning up again and again, with the third stint actually having Him show up and kill for a while. But then of course, most of these cult revivals end with it all being destroyed and/or set back in some way, shape, or form. Even when Isaac came back from the dead, the most that happened was Him being reborn as a baby.

Powers/Abilities: The children are oftentimes gifted with immortality, and even psychic powers on occasion. The corn that He manipulates has a mind of its own, and if He's feeling really violent, He can manifest and rip/burn/tear people apart.

Weakness: Destroying His crops is a good place to start. The kids are offed by anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-As scary as a whole army of creepy kids can be, there are a couple things holding them back. Isaac in particular is way too hammy to be taken seriously, even when he's on the warpath. There's also the fact that these damn sequels often can't get their own canon straight! Still, He Who Walks Behind the Rows, dumb first appearance notwithstanding, is a freakish sight in the third film (even if that potential victim of His stomach was an obvious doll).

Trivia: -Isaac was played by John Franklin in both the first film and the sixth. He was also Cousin Itt in that Adams Family movie. Don't tell Isaac that.

-The original screenplay was written by Stephen King, who's short story laid the groundwork for the first film. It got heavily edited due to there being a lack of violence and too much exposition on the Gatlin massacre. But would that have made it better in the end? Who knows...

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Really, a nightmare for all.

You mean Kevin's part of the cult?

New generation, same problems.

Good luck taking that on the road.

"So, you want me to stop shoving this up my ass? Too bad!"

Seriously? Again?

Ugh. Forget it.


It won't stop, won't it?
Isaac: The poster child for a "Horror Kid".

The chains of command. Always contentious.


Wait until they get into the subway.

At least wipe that off! Decency, please.

Still not invested.

Just...damn it all.

Should have stuck with being a Jehovah's Witness. Harsh, but it's true.

Remember, kids! This could be you if you join an obviously evil religion.

Some harvest you have there.

Oh, look. It's He Who Walks Behi-HOLY S#*&!!!

Golden Scythes are too try-hard, folks.

"Yes, the state of my franchise is in disrepair. Why do you remind me?"
"Was the world really ready for me?"

Oh, look. It's He Who Walks Behind the Rows. How's that stint on Annoying Orange?

About joining this cult...trust me. It ain't worth it.

You used preservatives, didn't you?

"Say I'm a cloud of sillyness! Say it!"

I'd say blame the parenting, but...

Wait. Are those the Damned?!