"Give the Devil his due"

Films: Angel Heart (1987)

Alias: Lucifer

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Okay, we see what you did there. In all honesty, we're surprised that no one in this film guessed his true identity until the very end. Then again, there wouldn't be much of twist without it, now would there?

History: Louise Cyphre...was literally the Devil. There’s no hiding it. One day, a man by the name of Jonathan Liebling sold himself out to him in exchange for fame, but a string of unexpected events resulted in his death. However, Johnny's back apparently, and out killing people all around. Soon, Louise bribes local detective Harry Angel into solving the case.

Notable Kills: None directly, that is.

Final Fate: It is eventually revealed that Harry IS Johnny, and Louise has been playing him the whole time just to get his soul. Judging by the film's ending, he succeeds. Not that Harry/Johnny didn't deserve it, really.

Powers/Abilities: Warping of reality, shapeshifting.

Weakness: Unknown.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-As usual, Satan is one hell of a chessmaster, manipulating his target into a wild goose chase just so he can have justice paid unto him painfully. De Niro's charismatic performance also helps the thrills.

Trivia: -The original ending of the novel this film is based on, "Falling Angel", has the protagonist framed for the murders as opposed to actually committing them.

-Ironically Robert de Niro was originally considered to be Harry in the film, but Mickey Rourke took the role instead.

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Movie twists can be bad for your mental health, after all.

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Louise finally returns home...take a wild guess.

Of course this happened. Louise has a HELL of a lot of time on his hands.
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