"I'm not lovin' it"

Films: BUY OUR SH*T--I mean, Mac and Me (1988)

Alias: M.A.C (Mysterious Alien Creature)

Type: Alien

Location: Eldtritch location/Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (obstensibly)

Summary: Okay so this film-EAT AT MCDONALDS! Ah, erm, so this film-DRINK COKE!! Argh, anyway about this-SKKKKIIIIITTTTLLLLEEEESSSS!!!!! Shut. Up. Sigh, this film blows, and so do its aliens.

History: After a NASA mission does its thing, a family of aliens on the unknown planet accidentally get transported alongside the craft and onto Earth. They are immediately separated, and the most active seems to be their little kid, dubbed MAC by the government. Soon, he causes all kinds of havoc that usually gets pinned on some wuss, and along the way, he teaches us the values of family, togetherness, but more importantly, BOW DOWN TO YOUR MC'OVERLORDS, YOU SHEEP!!! Aw dammit, it happened again.

Notable Kills: We can't prove it, but the dance sequence at the McDonalds reportedly caused many a child's innocence to shrivel up and die.

Final Fate: After a rather tumultuous shoot-out with the cops (long story), Mac and his folks are reunited. After bringing a kid back from the dead, they are made out to be American citizens, and they drive off promising to return to the screen again. A threat, if you ask us...

Powers/Abilities: Destroying/healing things with a single touch.

Weakness: Anything conventional, being complete sell-outs.

Scariness Factor: 4-Oh yes, these things are terrifying. Looking like bug-eyed goblins with only one spooky expression, they seem to only get worse with age, as the daddy alien can prove. Oh, and they have the healing/destructive abilities of Gods, apparently. And another thing...NO, I DO NOT WANT TO INDULGE IN THIS DAMNED PRODUCT PLACEMENT! STOP ASKING!!!

Trivia: -As one might guess, this film came under fire for its almost aggressive product placement, on top of being a complete rip-off of "E.T.". It is often considered to be one of the worst movies, having won a Razzie for Worst Director, as well as being nominated for a few others.

-According to the producer, he is still thinking about making a sequel. Pray he never does...

Image Gallery

So, can I leave now? PLEASE?!

Mac, by putting Saturn close to us, you've killed us all. Thanks a lot.

This is rather empowering, but...it's Mac and Me.

Sad thing is, I can see where that guard is coming from. Imagine seeing these things without context...
Mac shall usher in a new diabetic age of McDonald's wicked reign.

Behold! The most shameless product placement we'll see for a long time!