"On Mars, egg hunts you"

Films: Contamination (1980)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of a large cow.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: If you thought egg-borne man-killers were bad, wait till you see aliens so nasty that their eggs are not just incubators, but bombs as well! Someone call this egg hunt off.

History: After a disastrous trip to Mars, two astronauts came back, but one carried with him a cycloptic Martian menace controlling his mind into spreading its eggs. Trouble is that the eggs are volatile and emit a slime that explodes people. This feels less like a reproduction scheme and more like a plan for plain genocide.

Notable Kills: The eggs explode and make people explode. Need we say more?

Final Fate: Eventually, a man gets the right idea, and shoots it in the glowing eye. A few eggs blow up afterwards, but at least they'll be on the decline.

Powers/Abilities: Mind control for the brooder. The eggs can explode and let out a slimy substance that causes the splattered one's chest to violently blow up.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-It may not be the most intimidating alien, but it basically pumps out the nastiest bombs out there, so major points for creativity can be given.

Trivia: -The original script was literally just called "Alien Arrives on Earth". Keep in mind the same director embarrassed Christopher Plummer with "Starcrash".

-The main Martian was originally going to be made through stop-motion, but budget constraints forced it to be just a model.

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Sam I Am, what have you done?!

Well, at least we can tell they're not immortal.
The terror is enough to shatter your very being.

Don't stare, girl. RUN.

Yep. Definately Sam I Am's doing. The war must have not done wonders for him.

It just realized what film it's ripping off.