"A Reflection of Evil"

Films: The Boogeyman (1980), Sequels that don't exist

Alias: The Boyfriend

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted Home/Forest

Height/Weight: Unknown.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: If you've been particularly bad, they might say that you ought to look at yourself in the mirror. If bad spirits inhabit said mirror, it's best to not take that advice.

History: One day, Willy stabbed the boyfriend of his mom repeatedly, unable to stand their sexual activities. The thing was that he did it in front of a mirror, which the boyfriend soon possessed. Now a Boogeyman, this man was hellbent on driving his would-be family completely insane by tormenting them and murdering anyone who dare be next to even a shard of the mirror.

Notable Kills: Possesses a screwdriver into stabbing a kissing couple's heads.

Final Fate: The runaway shard is thrown into a sink, where the water ignites it. The same is done to the rest of the mirror by chucking it into a well. However, at least one shard remains...and no. Those stock-footage filled sequels never happened. Seriously.

Powers/Abilities: Possession if a shard gets lodged into the body, telekinesis.

Weakness: Water destroys the mirror.

Scariness Factor: 4-Although water is a pretty lousy weakness (as always), there's no doubt that this thing is the worst when it comes to apparitions. Unseen, all-powerful, and intent on making you die horribly, it's a relief that no other Boogeymen seem to follow his example.

Trivia: -This film is partially based on the myth that breaking a mirror is bad luck, as well as another about a mirror displaying someone who died in the room it was in.

-John Carradine got all his scenes done in a day, and was there mainly to boost the film's commercial performance.

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Remember. How can you kill what you can't even touch?

At least that's a less dumb name.

"The power of eye-drops compels you!"

Can we forget this ever happened and move on? I mean, this is the THIRD film. They always suck. We should have seen that coming.

In stock footage form!
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...it's finally time to kill them all.