"A frantic pace in Outer Space"

Films: Galaxy of Terror (1981)

Alias: The Planet Master, Tentacle Monsters, Giant Grub, Alien Goblin

Type: Alien (maybe Mystical)

Location: Eldritch Area

Height/Weight: From that of maggots to that of a limo.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Imagine the absolute worst planet in the galaxy. A place specifically designed to destroy the minds of anyone who dares enter. They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. But this part of it relishes in hearing just that.

History: Morganthus was a stormy planet with a dark secret. Its main attraction is a large pyramid designed for and possibly by the children of a long forgotten alien race. Their goal was to test the true limits of fear, seeing how the pyramid was capable of summoning one's greatest dread. The Planet Master now governs Morganthus, and is intent on testing the mettle of a bunch of hapless Earthlings headed there for a faked rescue mission.

Notable Kills: That grub scene. Just...wow. Way to predate creepy internet fetishes before they came into being.

Final Fate: After the Planet Master reveals itself to the remaining man, the survivor kills every monster that menaced his crew, as well as his zombified friends, and dethrones the Master in order to take his place. Hopefully, he will find a more benign purpose for this unholy building.

Powers/Abilities: The pyramid itself can conjure up creatures that represent your deepest fears.

Weakness: A Master must be there for the planet to function properly. And the monsters can be dealt with via conventional means.

Scariness Factor: 4-Nothing is a secret to this planet, and all it has to do to kill you is figure out what you want to see the least. Because that thing it makes will find you, and it will have its way with you...whatever that may be (thanks a lot, rape-grub). And keep in mind, this pyramid was made for children.

Trivia: -That grub scene? It was the result of there being a demand for both a scene with a grub, and one depicting a sex scene for actress Taaffe O'Connell. Roger Corman opted to do both in just one scene.

-This was one of the earliest films James Cameron worked on. Just another person placed into stardom by Roger across the years.

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Hell's new location was...kinda lax. Earth was more cozy.

Need a torso?
Fair observation...unless you paid attention to the sun!

Out of good taste, let's back away from what comes next.
May chaos cleanse the planet.

Everything can kill you. EVERYTHING.