"Hercules Vs. Science"

Films: Hercules (1983)

Alias: Mecha-Fly, Mecha-Centaur, Mecha-Hydra

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of trucks.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Hercules is perhaps one of the greatest Greek heroes ever. His exploits are numerous and fantastical, but did you ever hear about that time he fought ancient robots? Yeah, we didn't either.

History: In this interpretation of Greek mythology, the Gods occupy the moon instead of Olympus, and Hercules was conceived when Zeus' essence infected a baby. A little weird yes, but not nearly as much as King Midas being an evil mad scientist with an array of robot animals under his beck and call. Now, only the grown-up Hercules can stop him.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The fly gets stabbed with a blunt log, and the hydra is downed by having its laser beams reflected onto it. The rest is (relatively) smooth sailing for Hercules saving the world.

Powers/Abilities: Laser beams, mostly.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though their own firepower works.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Credit where it's due, these war machines could decimate an ancient Greek town if they got the chance. But these days, they're janky old things that go down way too easily to be called threats.

Trivia: -The original script was much raunchier, with more sex and violence all the way. It literally got thrown in the bin.

-Hercules' actor, Lou Ferringo, was the apple of just about every girl's eye on the set due to being in maximum condition as a body-builder. He declined all of it due to being married. Good man.

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Well, this was the eighties, after all.
Careful. Your dick just got frostbite.
Wood! The greatest enemy of robots!
When did Minos have the time to make this?!