"Community Consciousness"

Films: Dead and Buried (1981)

Alias: William G. Dobbs, Various

Type: Natural (Dobbs), Man-Made (the rest)

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral (Residents), Evil (Dobbs)

Summary: If that cute little town of yours has only one way in and one way out...then that's just fine really. Unless it happens to be Potter's Bluff, a place of old timey values, vintage venues, and a nice little dash of necromancy.

History: After getting kicked out of Rhode Island for his obsession with the dead, William G. Dobbs decided to head to New England and set up shop in Potter's Bluff. He had invented a serum that allowed him to not only raise the dead, but put them under his command. Seeing potential for complete domination of the town, he had his horde kill any who dare enter the Bluff.

Notable Kills: Almost every kill gets photographed by the undead.

Final Fate: Alas, nothing really changes in Potter's Bluff, and Dobbs is still perfecting his "artistry" with the undead. Will he extend his plans to world takeover? No one knows for sure.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-It's a terrifying thought to have some corrupt nutjob lead an army of semi-sapient zombies to kill you and join their ranks. However, if one were to kill Dobbs, who's to say the undead would be a threat any longer?

Trivia: -Screenwriter Dan O'Bannon has gone on record disowning the film after he realized how much director Gary Sherman altered his vision without his consent.

-Despite the high production values, this film got banned for a while as a "Video Nasty" by the UK.

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Child's play if they actually brought Xenomorphs to our planet.

Have I mentioned how much I hate needles?
They showed you the way into Potter's Bluff...nobody said a thing about a way out.

"See, there's a difference between dead and mostly dead."

I take it back. Sic a Xenomorph on these folks.