"Nazis are out of tomb"

Films: The Keep (1983)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: What happens when you pit two utterly despicable creatures together? Turns out, you never know because you never know who to root for. The genocidal twats, or the ancient evil conqueror?

History: Somewhere in the mountains of Romania, a large citadel rests undisturbed. At least until the Third Reich came to enslave the people living near it. Upon trying to rob it of its value, they awakened Radu Molasar, an evil spiritual being who has been waiting to walk the Earth once more. Using manipulation and power, he just might achieve it.

Notable Kills: It's always nice to see a Nazi get its soul sucked out by a monstrous body-builder.

Final Fate: Radu is eventually zapped back into his old confines by a man wielding a talisman. However, said man has to give up his life essence in order to trap the monster in there for good.

Powers/Abilities: Can drive people insane with his mere presence, cure and infect people with diseases, and suck out souls.

Weakness: Specific talismans can harm him and imprison him.

Scariness Factor: 4-Imagine something so terrifying, even the Nazis are shaking in their boots. Looking like a skinned man who didn't know when to stop hitting the gym, Radu has a myriad of powers and a commanding voice to let us know who's boss.

Trivia: -Director Michael Mann wanted a cut that went for 210 minutes! It was to have more plot explanation, more action with Radu, and even a happier sacrifice-free ending. But it had to be condensed into a theater-appropriate length.

-The filmmakers spend an awfully long time trying to figure out what Radu would look like, and they even built a mechanical figure for him before most of his scenes were decided to be a man in a suit.

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We all know who the bait should be. Do we have to say it?

Silence is golden...and soon will be crimson.
What's worse than Nazis breaking your door down? The thing within the Keep.

There are no cries of "Do you even lift?" Only screams.

Must be a pain when mosquitoes come.

"Honestly. Look at your armband. Do you think ANY of your efforts will faze me? Honestly, I'm touched by your evil."