"He's here..."

Films: Poltergeist (1982), Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (1986), Poltergeist 3 (1989)

Alias: The Great Beast

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home/Civilized area/Eldritch location

Height/Weight: Can grow to that of a small building.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: We've seen many hauntings over the years, but all that blighted the lives of the Freelings can be traced to one man. A man who was deemed so sinister that they stripped him of his human form in the afterlife. A man named Henry Kane.

History: Reverend Henry Kane's crowning achievement in evil came when he led a large group of native Americans into a cave to await the end times. When the date passed and nothing happened, Kane told them nothing out of pettiness and they all died. For this, Kane was turned into the Great Beast in the Other Side by the cosmic forces. To this day, he haunts those who disturb the graveyard of those he led to death all those centuries ago. A shame someone built a house over that same graveyard...

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Kane's machinations take an emotional and psychological toll on the Freeling family, especially poor little Carol Anne, but they always turn out triumphant in the end due to their unbreakable spirits and bond with each other. In the true end, it seems that Kane has left them behind forever because of this.

Powers/Abilities: Total omnipotence, control over other spirits.

Weakness: Objects of Native American significance, declarations of true love.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Human Kane looks manic enough, but damn, this might be one of the evilest spirits we’ve encountered. His actions have led to some of the scariest hauntings ever seen (that clown toy...), and his true form is exactly the kind of Hellspawn you'd expect H.R. Giger to make (he was indeed involved). But his evil puts him at a fault, as things like love and bravery truly perplex him. Serves him right.

Trivia: -This franchise was infamously thought to be cursed. This was because two of the main actors died horribly between the first and third films. The kicker was that one of them was Heather O'Rourke, the girl who played Carol Anne Freeling.

-Kane's actor, Julian Beck, died midway through production, so voice actor Corey Burton had to do some of his lines.

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Why does she even bother feeling safe anymore.

Confused at the existance of this film? There's something we agree on, Kane.
Behold! A ghost rainbow that shoots rainbows just because!


Either sequels get underwhelming or they throw everything at the screen and check out if it worked.

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"Join me quickly! This cave is so damn humid!"

Well, it can be lonely in the underworld.
If things go wrong, we might be seeing more added to the pile.

Even ambience would be better suited to be filled with screams.

When Halloween decorations go bad.

Two-Face imposters always go the extra mile in terms of the evil part.

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I know he's technically dead, but the rent will still kill him.