"The long arm of the law"

Films: Robocop (1987), Robocop 2 (1990), Robocop 3 (1990)

Alias: Alex Murphy, Beta 1

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: If you find yourself losing faith in the fuzz, always remember Robocop. He attack, but he also protect. Standard cop procedure, really.

History: Detroit...just...Detroit. Really, what do we need to say about the crime that goes on down there. No one clearly prepared the good cop Alex Murphy apparently, as he was shot to pieces by a local street gang. The megacorporation OCP (Omni Consumer Products) saw potential where others saw death though, and practically bought his cadaver to make the perfect super-cop. Thus, Robocop was born! But while he liked to protect the innocent, the soul of Alex remained, and often came into conflict with OCP's greedy intentions.

Notable Kills: His original killer meets a horrific end after getting stabbed in the neck by Robocop and getting dowsed in radiation.

Final Fate: Robocop has had his fair share of licks over the years, especially from OCP's mistakes such as the ED-209 droid and RoboCain, but he always pulls through, and he did manage to get OCP shut down forever in the end.

Powers/Abilities: Comes with very durable armor, a powerful custom machine-pistol, grenades, shivs that double as flash-drives, a multi-purpose gun arm at times, and occasionally a jetpack.

Weakness: Enough sustainable firepower and pressure.

Scariness Factor: 2-Robocop is pretty much a standard superhero, so you have nothing to fear from him. And considering he's 99% AI, it's impressive that he hasn’t malfunctioned into a killing machine. Still, those on the wrong side of the law are absolutely F*CKED.

Trivia: -According to original writer Ed Neumeier, there's another sequel planned called "Robocop Returns" that will ignore all the others. Neill Blomkamp is the current director.

-Ed reportedly got the whole idea for the original film after some guy described "Blade Runner" as something about "a cop killing robots". From there, the wheels in his head just turned away.

Image Gallery

Do we have to say anything? This poster's a classic!

It's not often the poster makes the costume look awful.

Nice new chrome shine. Perfect for an awkward sequel.

"Clarify what you mean by the fact that I hae nothing 'down there'."

Don't lie. The director couldn't stop laughing at some the choices here.

"Burn, completely organic young lifeform, burn."
Anything to make Detroit hospitable at least.

How could we forget the good ol' Ed unit here?

Whoevers blowing up his action figures is taking his hobby way too far.

We will have peace if we just want it enough...see how stupid a simliler saying sounds?!

"I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LiiiiIIIIiight!"
Making multiple Robocops...not a good idea, as seen here.

Still better than what the remake tried to pull.

Don't even bother running. You're doomed.

Um, of course. Why not? He's freaking Robocop.

Too bad they tore out your panic button, as well.

Sigh. Really?

And boom! The franchise is dead for good!

An epic battle between Murphy and an Ed unit? In your dreams.

JESUS! Put the mask back on! Back on!

"This is for the dumbass tattoo you burned onto my head!"

Where's the love for the Ed units?! Where's the love?!