"Time to call again"

Films: Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

Alias: Various, notably Vigo the Carpathian, the Mood Slime, and the Scoleri Brothers

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of an average human to unknown (slime).

Affiliation: Neutral (Slime, some other ghosts), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Once again, the city that never sleeps is being plagued by supernatural forces that it more or less brought upon itself. And again, only the Ghostbusters and their friends can stop it.

History: It's a known fact that New York tends to fill up quickly with some lousy people. But now the combined negativity of the populace has given rise to a bizarre slime that leaves paranormal chaos in its wake, summoning spirits and bringing others back from the dead. Chief among them is Vico, the spirit of a 16th century conqueror trapped in a painting no more. Now, he seeks a new body, preferably that of a baby.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: The Ghostbusters manage to capture several of Vico's forces, and they even weaponize the mood slime to not only animate the Statue of Liberty itself with positive energy (and music), but to help banish Vico back to oblivion, his old painting now showing the heroes for their efforts.

Powers/Abilities: Manipulation of reality, be it positive or negative (mostly the latter).

Weakness: The anti-ghost tech from last time, alongside positive emotions for Vico.

Scariness Factor: 4-As usual, the spirits threatening to haunt New York are twisted and grotesque in their own ways. Vico on the other hand is like if the Goblin King from "Labyrinth" had zero redeeming qualities, and also hated music.

Trivia: -Most of the people who worked on the first film were very reluctant to make another, but studio pressure ensured it.

-Another sequel was planned, named "Hellbent", but a combination of Bill Murray's refusal and the death of Harold Ramis canned it for good.

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And the fandom goes wild.

He's even trying too hard to look evil within the painting!

"I brought the party favors!"

If this slime fed off of the deep south's negative energy, it would be as big as the Atlantic Ocean!

Mary Poppins takes a VERY dark turn.

"President Trump! Have you forgotten the words engraved on my book?!"

I think we're a few years too early for the Titanic references.

Sorry, sir. The tumors in your head are terminal...because you're evil.